Selected Works

Klangstrom (2022)


Wellen (2021)

Teilchen (2021)

Infrastructure (2020)

infrastructure thrives on potentials -- infrastructure is ever only realized through it s use -- infrastructure must lure into desiring possible futures -- infrastructure is empathic -- infrastructure thrives on altruism but is not limited to such notions -- infrastructure may be critical or disruptive -- infrastructure may connect to existing infrastructures -- infrastructure may hack existing infrastructures -- infrastructure may not reveal itself as an art/design work immediately or ever -- infrastructure is not confined to wikipedia’s description of *infrastructure* -- infrastructure lurks below and hovers above at the same time -- infrastructure is the *native material underneath a constructed pavement*

NMI-011 A Computer Mouse Instrument (2018)


NMI-010 A Computer Keyboard Instrument (2017)


Nullstecker (2013)


Rauchwolken und Luftschlösser (2012)

NMI-002 An Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things (2012)

Objectmachines (2011)

Leave-A-Comment-Toolkit (2010)

Sol (2010)

Die Pendel (2010)

Die Quelle (2009)

Snow Play (2009)

The Science of Aliens (2005)

floating.numbers (2004)

Simthing (2003)

Institut für Mikroelektronische Schaltungen und Systeme (2000)